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    i5-2500k in Dubai


      hello ,


      since the release of 2nd gen of i5 and i7 in last January, we can not find the K-series anywhere here in Abudhabi

      and personally i can't find the i5-2500k , i called ALL resellers in AbuDhabi (the capital) and couple of resellers in Dubai whom i were advised to contact by the main distributor , but with no success unfortunately at all . and even i tried to make special order for this unit from many resellers but they simply refused without buying a whole lot from this processor which ironically i don't need !!

      now again i called the distributor and they confirmed that they have it in stock in Jabal Ali WH , but they can't sell it to me as i have to buy it from a reseller otherwise i have to buy a full lot !! and i asked them to refer me to a company or reseller who -as their knowledge- has and actually selling this product , but they just ignored my message with so unrespectable manner !!!

      today i talked with Ms.Meher from "Mindware company" (one of your main distributor) and she said it's against their policy to deliver a single unit !!


      not everyone knows the actual difference between the Non-K-series and K-series so i don't think that any reseller will have it soon , and as the distributor is not willing to sell me a unit , neither the reseller  willing to even make special order for it , it doesn't make sense to be left in such circuit without a solution but only to buy the unit from the European or American market  through the Internet ,and handling the freighting cost and the origin-country tax and risk of having a damaged unit !! then why do we have a distributor nextdoor to us ??!!


      i hope one of the customer support would find me a solution for this case as soon as possible

      thank you in advance




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          You could try one of these on-line dealers:



          or if you are looking to contact Intel customer support. This is forum is a users to users group to assist with questions.




          Also, the Series 6 chipset issue may be contributing to the problems finding a processor since boards to run the processor have been delayed till likely March or April 

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            unfortunately , this didn't solve the issue

            buying Online is just useless (for my case) for many reasons :

            1- most of them deliver inside the continent online , US , CAD , Europe

            2- More tax + shipping fees => could simply buy one of the available 1st gen i7

            3- there is a huge risk of getting a dameged product

            4- at least will need 1 month to arrive


            then i tried to contact the customer support , the sales section is not online and not responding , and they keep sending me a failure email to my email !!

            i tried to contact through other department who actually just did nothing useful but repeating the sentence "we don't have any contacts with sales dep"


            regarding the 6th chipset issue , is the problem in the motherboards or the processor ?

            as far as i know it's in SATA con in the motherboards , which doesn't make sense delaying the processor for those who actually got P67-motherboards since almost 1 month trying to find a way to contact Intel's holy customer support  !!

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              The issue is with the chipset on the mother board.

              (Many of the web posting keep calling it the "sandy bridge issue, but it has nothing to do with Sandy Bridge processors. It is a issue with the Series 6 (Cougar Point) chipset.)

              The predicted failure rate is low (~5% over the next 3 years based on accelerated failure testing at high voltage and high temperature )

              however this does not meet Intel's quality standards so they stopped shipment to all mother board manufacturers as soon as they uncovered the issue and have implemented a change inside the chip to resolve the issue. Replacement components are suppose to ship out shortly. This is not a field upgradeable fix and any mother boards wishing to get the fix will need to be returned to the vendors. The failure is a degeneration of the 4 - SATA II ports. The 2 - SATA III ports are not affected.


              I believe the number of calls on this issue is likely what is overwhelming the customer support folks who are geared towards supporting OEM. Most distributors have taken a wait and see approach. Since all the h67 / p67 boards currently are at risk, the vendors are likely not jumping to stock processors that they have no boards for. New boards should be hitting the shelf's by mid to late March or early April and I would expect the processors be stocked then also.


              All of which does not help you, other than to possiabality help you understand why Intel seems so difficult to contact right now.

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                Some retailers stopped selling Sandy Bridge CPUs 'cuz you cant really use it for now. There's no motherboards for it. The motherboards been recalled due to faulty chipsets.

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                  You saying that "this does not met Intel's standard" looks like you're working for Intel.


                  Intel (like any other companies) is bound by law to disclosed what is faulty of their products. They have a responsibilty to replace those faulty products.


                  Right now the Sandy Bridge CPUs are non-usable. You got to be dreaming if you think it's usable.


                  This recall is part of a bigger problem Intel's trying to hide. If there's only 5% faulty chipsets in circulation how come they recalled the entire Sandy Bridge motherboards?


                  They can just have all Sandy Bridge motherboard users run a program to determine it those users motherboards contain faulty chipsets & replace those chipsets if it's faulty (it's only 5%). End of story. But recalling the entire Sandy Bridge motherboards, I don't buy it.


                  5% my a--. This is bigger than 5%.

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                    highly agree with you .... the thing is way bigger than that

                    because there are many ways of hacking this error such as using PCI RAID controller instead of the SATA , or using the SATA III

                    they could simply lower the price to the half instead of recalling + fixing the problem with millions of MoBos around the world to fix only 5% of the damaged ones or they could develop some sort of a splitter or something to use over the SATA III  to give more ports

                    there is something that doesn't make sense to make the company risk itself to lose around 700 mil $ just to fix something like they allege !