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    8 or 16GB of RAM for i7-820QM Processor?


      it seems as if a Intel® Core™ i7-820QM Processor

      supports a total 16GB of RAM as this option is available when ordering a Thinkpad W701ds from http://shop.lenovo.com.


      16 GB PC3-10600 DDR3 SDRAM 1333MHz SODIMM Memory (4 DIMM)


      In contrastr Intel's processor specification indicates the Max Memory Size to be 8GB, but it also indicates that this is dependent on memory type.



      The question arises: what is true, both?


      I would assume that since the lenovo on-line shop provides the option of 16GB total RAM that the besaid processor can handle it and thus is not limited to 8GB of RAM.


      Would be nice to receive a clear statement from Intel clarifying the effects of the memory type installed.

      Hope to see such a statement soon or any other forum feedback.


      Thanks, Hans.