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    DH55TC Fan Runs & failing to load OS


      I have a new assembled PC and the configurations are as follows,

      Processor: Intel i3 2.93

      Motherboard: Intel DH55TC

      RAM: 2 GB DDR 3 Transcend

      HDD: 250GB Samsung

      DVD: Samsung

      SMPS: Mercury



      While trying to boot, the green light will glow.  But further process will not happen at some times.  Then I use to forcely switch of the power button by pressing 3 seconds and it will start booting at some times.


      Then I had a doubt with RAM and removing RAM and tried the same. Again the same thing happened.


      Then I had doubt with HDD sata connector and unplugged the sata cable and tried booting the system.  That time the system booting up to finding the OS.  Then I understood there is something conflict with Hard Disk and my motherboard.


      My doubt is, the time its starts without problem, system is keep on working unless I turn off the system. The problem persisting only in the time of booting.


      So I am requesting the help to findout, what will be the real problem?  And how it will be solved?