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    No USB after Bios upgrade


      Since Bios upgrade of D845GVSR board to 52, there is no USB, no light in the mouse, windows XP doesn't detect USB.

      I have tried pressing F9 and resetting defaults, but there is nothing in the BIOS on the USB page.

      Anyone know what to try next? Thanks

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          OK no one answered. I'll try asking a different way.

          The USB worked before upgradeing the BIOS.


          So can someone tell me how to DOWNgrade the bios again.

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            Hello;  If you need assistance performing a BIOS recovery, please check the following URL:  http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/CS-023360.htm?wapkw=%28BIOS+recovery%29  You can download the BIOS recovery file here:  http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=8593&ProdId=1065&lang=eng

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              Thankyou. I have looked at the instructions from your link and they say this ...  the floppy disk does not have to be bootable but must be formatted

              It goes on to say that you must place the *.BIO file on the formatted floppy.


              This is where I get confused. The download link you gave is a zip file In that zip file are many different exe files which can be extracted at the DOS prompt.

              However the exe files do not contain BIO files. They contain these files ....



              So where do I find the BIO file? Any ideas?


              Thanks, Wayne

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                This might help somebody else who is confused by Intel's instructions. David said this in another post!


                The file SW.EXE is the file you want. Open it and it will open a command window and ask if you want to extract the files, chose Y. For example if you used P18 you will see P18-0050.BI1, P18-0050.BI2 etc.. one will be P18-0050.BIO which is the one you need. The readme.txt shows how to format a floppy and use the iflash utility but if you want to try recovery mode that will give you the BIO file to copy.  I have only done this on newer boards with a usb because the BIO was to large for a floppy.

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