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    DQ57TM & intel RAID RS2WC080


      Hi, I'm trying to use/plug an intel RAID controller RS2WC080 (PCI-Express x8) in a DQ57TM board. It fits nice and system/BIOS boots nicely too, but as soon as i try to go into controller FW/settings (Ctrl+G) it does nothing (resets and then back to intel BIOS). Updated MB & RAIDctrl. with latest FW but nothing :-(


      Then I plugged such RAID controler in another MB (DX58SO) and it works flawlessly (shows FW stuff and can go into RAID settings).

      Tried too with another MB DH55TC (& DH55HC) and the same as the DQ57TM, it shows it's BIOS/FW stuff on screen, but can't go to the controller settings.


      Maybe such MBs (DQ57TM, DH55TC & DH55HC) PCI-Express x16 are only for GFX cards?


      BTW all MBs have latest BIOS from intel.