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    X4500HD (G41) and Black Images with AOL


      Intel Tech Support,


      After installing the Intel Graphics Driver update via Windows Update for the X4500HD graphics cards (driver v15.,  built in images within the AOL Desktop 9.6 software are showing up with black backgrounds (where the backgrounds are normally transparent).  This only occurs when the computer comes out of system or monitor sleep while AOL 9.x is running.  So, there simply appears to be an issue with this driver coming out of sleep mode.




      - Install and launch AOL Desktop 9.6

      - Put system or monitor to sleep

      - Wake up system

      - View the AOL 9.x software

      - Black backgrounds will be seen with most of the images built into the software


      After installing the latest from the Intel site (v15., it appears the issue has been resolved.


      We are wanting to know if this new driver is going to be delivered via Windows Update and if so, when?  Since the previous driver (still being delivered via Windows Update) is older than what is offered on the Intel site, are there any plans to turn off the update?