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    SASMF81 reset and now when I re-create VD, the RAID 5  VD shows up empty


      I need some advice from someone who suffered through this.

      I realize my first mistake was to remove the Failed drive in a 3 drive RAID 5 set and put the replacement drive in the failed drive location. The SASMF81 controller reset to no VDs.


      When I put the RAID 1 VD 0 back, Windows 2003 SBS worked but my data drive VD 1 kept making new volume unallocated.

      I put the failed drive back and then put the "new" drive on another controller port. then the system went into rebuilding drive 6.

      but the net result is windows still does not recogned the VD 1 now as before.


      Do I have to do something like "initialize" ; that seems scarry so I did not!