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    How to indentify (unique?) serial number on Intel mobile Core 2 Duo?


      I'm about to sell a mobile Intel core 2 duo. I'm dubious about the buyer and just to make sure he/she is not a con (i.e. some people send u back their broken cpu for a refund), I'd like to know if there are any unique indentifying number or serial number on the CPU's outer packaging?


      I had a look around the community, and the only link I found was this http://www.intel.com/support/processors/sb/CS-030330.htm and I didn't find it helpful.


      If we use this CPU-WORLD image as reference, can you tell me if there are any such unique serial#? thanks.


      Compared to mine, the top number 7641A803 is different. Also on the left-side, there's "017128 01 S54," on mine only the last 3 characters are different.