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    What Is IOH Temperature & IDCC Issue


      I have the DX58SO Motherboard in my Windows 7 x64 based machine running the i7-920 CPU and have a concern. First, in the BIOS, it is listing my IOH Temperature as 39 degrees C and my Processor Thermal Margin as 0 degrees C. The Intel Desktop Control Center will not display a CPU temperature however a 3rd party program (CPUID HWMonitor) displays it as 39 degrees celsius.  First, what exactly is the IOH temperature?  Is that the temp of the CPU?  Also, why would the Processor Thermal margin read as 0 and not give a range?  I do not have the latest BIOS because when I upgraded to it a few weeks back, the machine began to take twice as long to boot up and refused to tell Windows 7 that there were 3 hard drives installed in my computer (the BIOS showed all 3 but Windows Disk Manager only showed 2 until after I had Windows "redetect" the drives and the third one showed up, only to disappear again on reboot), thus I rolled the BIOS back to where it previously was.  I have Intel Desktop Control Center version installed.  Where am I going wrong here, or is this just a bug in the program or bios?


      UPDATE: I installed the "Intel Desktop Utilities" program and it says my CPU Fan speed is around 1820rpm and the Processor Thermal Margin is 128 degrees C, what does this all mean?   Is my CPU overheating?  The program is listing my motherboard temp at 29 degrees C, Voltage Regulator at 34 degrees C and I/O Hub Temp at 39 degrees C with all green lights.  I do have a large number of cooling fans in the machine (2 on the front, one on the roof, one on the door, one on the back, plus 2 on the motherboard.  Is my machine running ultra-cool or is there a problem?  Again, the BIOS read 0 degrees C for a Processor Thermal Margin.