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    Intel core i7 870 at 4.21ghz


      hi yes im having a problem with the voltage on my computer i was wonderinf if the voltage i to high at 1.43825 because that is what i had to use to get 4.21ghz

      also i was wondering can you get 4.4ghz out of this processor and if so what would the propper voltage be for that as i have tried for a long time but have had no luck. i had heared somewhere that the quad cores of the current generation are limited at the 4ghz mark when i got mine to 4.2 and others have gotten their processors to 4.5 even 4.7. so any help would be great. on top of that im looking for a new graphics card to upgrade from my his radeon hd iceq 3 adeon hd 3870's in crossfire but i can only afford up to $220 max for them.


      Thank you,

      Billy Babin