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    E6600 VT-x Issue


      I have a HP dc5800 which had an e2200 processor, I upgraded and bought an e6600 which has the VT-x option.  I upgraded the BIOS so I could use the new processor.  The PC seems to be working ok, I did not have an OS before so I am installing fresh.  I installed the VMware ESXi and it does not detect VT is available, I do have it enabled in the BIOS.  I run the vm.iso from VMware and it only detects CPU 0 is not VT capable, and CPU 1 has VT enable and working.  When I try and install Windows (2008 or 7) from CD it give me blue screen of death before it ever gets to a menu.  If I go into the BIOS and disable the multicore it will boot Windows fine, but the core that is left is the one that VT is not available on.  Disabling the VT-x on the process does not do anything for the Windows booting.  Any suggestions?