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    RAID 10 random failures, disks fine, failed RG need data, help?


      I've had several single-disk "failures" in my RAID 10 volume, usually when the system has blue-screened.  Today, while rebuilding from one of the single disk failures, it blue-screened again, AND took the drives out of the BIOS RAID mode.  Went back into RAID in the BIOS, and now when it boots, I see a failed RAID group, and 2 non-RAID disks.  In the Intel Matrix Storage Console, I see all the drives, but the same issue - two of the drives are marked "Non-RAID Hard Drives" (see screen capture below).


      I've removed a drive and put it in a system in read-only mode, and can read every sector just fine.


      I'd like to know if there is ANY way to get those two disks back into the RAID group, or even just one disk back in to let it run in degraded mode long enough to get the data off the drives.  When it has "failed" a single disk, it recognizes the "failed" drive as a spare and rebuilds onto that drive after booting (taking about 3-4 hours to do so).


      The system is relatively brand-new, an ASUS Rampage III built in mid-January.