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    Intel Series 6/C200 Design Error Additional Info


      Hello my name is Amber, I'm very confused over this new design error. Intel's Site states that if your computer has the i5 Badge it's an older version and they are NOT affected. Mine has the i5 badge: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v631/SephirothIsGod/Customer%20Service/IntelIssueBadges.jpg


      However HP's Site (Where Purchased) States that if your Device Manager looks like this:


      That it IS affected by this desgin flaw while intels states that if it looks like that it MAY be affected:


      Here is a picture of my device manager:



      Now my to my question, Is my computer Definitely, Maybe or Definitely not affected by this flaw? I mean HP might have placed the wrong sticker on my computer what if they tell me it's not and it really is? My computer was a custom build and the base processor was a different one that what I choose so maybe the sticker indicates the base processor that should have been in the PC. Hopefully someone from Intel can shed some light on this I just spent over $1,000 on this computer and it's upgrades I don't want to find out a year from now that mine really is affected and now I'm stuck with $1,000 piece of junk. The worst part is that I intentionally chose Intel over AMD because I trusted them, I guess that won't happen again.

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          I am not a big fan of the "You Might Be effected" message either. It tends to link the Cougar Point chip set issue to the processor and as in your case, it is possible that an ODM might put the wrong sticker on a system. I think Intel rushed things to get this contained as fast as possible rather than take additional time to develop a more definitive test tool. I like gigabit test myself http://www.gigabyte.com/support-downloads/Utility.aspx?cg=2. A simple Green for good and red for impacted.


          Your task manager shot is very definite on which chipset you have.

          You have a H67 series 6 / C200 chipset which is the chipset with the issue and has approximately a 5% chance of experiencing a failure on the older SATA ports in the next 3 years.


          This is still somewhat of a "maybe" answer since 1) are you using these SATA ports? if not, you will never see a failure and 2) your chance is 5% (, but why risk it when your ODM should be willing to replace you board in a couple months when new one are available with Intel pickign up the bill.)


          Trust ?

          Intel found a problem and told you about it. When was the last time the other guys told you about a problem?  (No one is trouble free)

          Which is more trust full?



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            It's been a couple weeks since I was inside the computer, But one of my drives is apparently connected to the port in question which sucks. If those older ports are the only issue though I won't bother with a return since I never add extra internal drives.

            I never said any company was totally error free and them telling us about it does NOT restore my faith in them. Companies should properly test and inspect these things thoroughly before they are released. They estimate it will cost 700 million to replace all the parts affected which to me says they are very stupid, if they had tested and found the problem before release they would have saved many people a lot of time and money including themselves. I spent $700 on the computer, $200 on a RAM kit and another $150 on a power Supply and I have a $200 Graphics card installed so in my opinion it's a very frustrating problem and I have every right to be upset after spending so much money on this system.

            Yes HP is one of the companies working with Intel to replace the parts but it will be a HUGE inconveinience for me. I will have to go weeks without a computer and whats more I don't have a clue how I'll ship it back to HP because we don't drive and won't be able to get to a UPS or FedEx location to ship it back. plus I will have to remove all my upgrades and reinstall the base components before shipping it to them because I don't trust HP anymore either for other reasons.

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              When you do an RMA to HP they send you a preaddressed box via Fedex when it is ready they will come and pick it up.

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                Thank you for letting me know about that, Because of the inconveinience of having to remove my upgraded Sound Card, RAM, PSU and GPU and wireless adapter and the amount of time it would take to get my computer back I pretty much decided not to send it back I just made sue the Drives were plugged into the unaffected ports, But I'm still livid about the whole situation. Anyways it's very good info to have so thanks.