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    Plug in ethernet, computer dies


      I have an Intel DP965LT board with the 82566DC gigabit onboard lan. I replaced a 'g' router with a D-link DIR-825 Xtreme N dual band gigabit router. When I connect an ethernet cable from the router to my computer, the computer stops within one second as if I had pulled the power cord. If I try to start my computer plugged into the router, the fans spin up once or twice and the computer just stops, off.


      Several other computers have been successfully connected to the router by ethernet, none have failed. I have tried different cables to no success. I installed a d-link 10/100 pci nic in the computer and it works perfectly. I have updated lan drivers, bios, chipset, etc., but my computer will not function when connected to the onboard gigabit lan port.


      I hooked up my old 'g' router and the onboard lan port works fine with it. Went back to the D-link gigabit router and computer dies, unless I use the pci card port. I would appreciate any suggestions to resolve this. I can use the pci 100 mb card, but cannot understand why the onboard lan port fails with the new router.

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          Should have mentioned, running win7-64bit, 4Gb ram, installed latest prowinx64.

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            I do not know for sure, but this sounds like a hardware power problem. The typeical power consumed when making a gigabit connection for the PHY is about 1.7 watts higher than the typical power consumed when you have a 100 Mb connection. I suspect that the power supply is seeing an overload and shutting itself down as a protection mechanism. That could happen if the load on one part of the power supply is too high.If you enjoy looking at technical specifications, you can see the typical power requirements for the PHY in table 23 of the datasheet.


            IF the issue is a power issue, I can think of two potential solutions. First of all, replacing the power supply with a power supply that has a higher power rating for the effected voltage (Probably a 3.3 volt supply) might solve the issue. However, you could have some other component that is not on the power supply that is causing to much draw on the power supply. In that case, replacing the power supply might just mask the issue or not even resolve the issue at all.


            There might be some other possibilities that I have not thought of, but this does not sound like the type of issue that will be solved by upgrading any of the drivers. I hope this helps.


            Mark H

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              Thank you for the reply. I have a PS450W power supply which lists the 3.3V at 28A with 230W and max 430W. I tried running the diagnostics for the adapter in Device Manager, properties, and I get the same instant off at some point in any of the diagnostics. I do think you are on the right track with the power situation though. I'm going to hook up my old router again and see if it still works with that. At least the 100mb pci card works fine. That's way faster then my internet connection and none of my other computers have gigabit adapters anyway.

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                Using the 10/100 adapter is probably a good way to go.


                None of my home computers has a Gigabit connection yet, but both my laptops have 802.11n capable adapters, so my wireless connections are the fastest way to hook up to the network. And as you point out, the Internet connection is slower than 100 Mb anyway.


                Good luck!


                Mark H