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    DP35DP temperature issue




      I have an Intel DP35DP and I have some issue regarding the temperature. When playing games the CPU thermal margin drops as low as 15 degrees and the bios alarms sounds. When idle the processor thermal margin is around 40. The problem is that because of the silent technology of the fans or something like that that Intel has implemented the fan's rpms do not exceed 1000 - 1100. It is around 750 rpm when idle.


      Question is how can I speed up the fan??


      I additionally installed a chassis fan and it reduced the temp fo 5 degrees but with no significant impact.


      Something about Intel management engine is mentioned around the internet but it is not compatible with Windows 7 64bit. I managed to install it but only as driver and I see no change.


      Also can someone please point out the right spot for placing the CPU thermal probe? In my chasis it is placed between the bars on the upper side of the heatsink.


      Can someone present his/her's temps if you own DP35DP?.....and possibly the way they managed to get a big thermal margin on CPU


      Any feedback would be great

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          I have had a Q6600/DP35DP for several years and had the same problem, even though my problems were from crunching data 24/7 rather than playing games.  At the time I spoke with Intel concerning the situation and was told that the fan speeds CANNOT be adjusted manually.  Talking with others, I decided on installing a self-contained liquid cooling solution.  I decided on Corsair's H70 CPU chiller.  The system resides on the second floor of my house on the wrong side (no direct breeze) and the chiller rarely goes below 40c.  When the outside temps reaches 90+f, it may go down to 30.


          The only negative that I have is that the chiller bring outside air into the case for maximum effort.   Make sure that your case has good cable management with as much unobtructive air flow, extremely important.  The case that I use on all three of my systems is http://www.coolermaster-usa.com/product.php?product_id=3037.  Excellent cable management most of the cables are hidden behind the mb allowing for maximum air flow with three huge 230mm fans.  The power supply is also on the bottom of the case with its own exhaust port allowing for less heat within the case.


          There are some folks that will say there are less expensive cooling solutions and cases that will accomplish the same thing, but I belive in the saying you get what you pay for.  Since this case supports everything from a micro-atx tthru e-atx, I should not have to by another case for some years regardless unless the mb get larger.  As for the chiller, it supports all current Intel and AMD boards.  So when I upgrade to a larger system, the chiller will handle it.