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    i5 2500k recommended temps




      I am new to these forums so hi to all.


      My question is, i have purchased a i5 2500k cpu and p8p67 pro mobo (roll on april for the fixed sata boards), anyway can someone please tell me if these temps are okay:


      core 0 = 28c

      core 1 = 29c

      core 2 = 29c

      core 3 = 29c


      all on idle in windows with a Akasa Venom cooler at stock clocking, on load playing Black ops it hits between 38 - 48c.


      I am using a coolermaster stacker 832 case with 1 rear gentle typhoon 120mm fan exhaust and 2 front noiseblocker 120mm intake fans + 1 top 120mm typhoon intake fan.


      Is this a adequate setup for cooling this cpu.


      Thanks for looking and sorry for the length of this post, once i start i cant seem to stop