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    Dissimilar CPU stepping/revision in one dual proc IBM 8853 Blade


      Dear Expert....  we have several IBM 8853 Blade servers that have dissimilar CPU specs in the two CPUs installed.  Here are the specs that are alike and those that differ:


      FamilyModelSteppingRevisionCPU TypeEnhanced Halt StateExecute Disable BitLevel 2 cacheLevel 1 cacheLevel 1 instruction cachepchipset ID
      PROC 16F6C90YesNo4MB2 X 32KB2 X 32KB2670
      PROC 26FBB70YesNo4MB2 X 32KB2 X 32KB2670

      and here is the system event log that brought this to my attention:




      We have three servers with a similar issue.  The only indication of any problem is in the system event log, and from what I have read here on the forums thus far, it doesn't pose an issue if just the revision is different, but no word on what the issues are if the Stepping is different.  If you could answer this question, I would appreciate it. Thanks!