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    Wifi link speed




      I have a lenovo X200 laptop, which uses intel 5300agn wifi, and I'm making voip calls (through VPN).

      Sometimes, when the link speed is not constant, but changes in the scale of 54mbps to 1mbps, the voice quality of the voip call is very bad.

      It happens also when I have 5 bars on the wifi icon.


      I think that when speed changes, the voice's udp packets are dropped and this is the reason for the poor voice quality.

      After installing the new driver, I opened the wifi administrator utility, but I can't find there any option to make the speed constant.

      But I have seen some voip configurations.


      Can somebody help me with this problem?

      Or maybe explain what are these voip settings or how can I make the speed constant?


      Thank you very much,