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    dvr card issue in DH55HC


      I am in the field of CCTV.Just to get more pci slots I purchased DH55HC for installing more than 2 dvr cards.I installed two 8 channel A/V dvr cards(philips 713x chipset) in it.I get distorted picture.proper video is displayed only when the "special VGA" option in the card software is checked.But in that mode too the computer gets hanged after 8 or 10 hours running.I have been using this card successfully with almost all intel chipset boards(from 810 to DG41).Changing of RAM,SMPS,OS, video driver nothing could help.Is this intel HD graphics not capable of displaying the overlayed video of philips 7130 chipset? Also should I attribute the hang up problem after certain hours to the mainboard?plese help.