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    What is purpose of Prvisioning through SCS?




      I am  very new to vPRO and trying to setup this first time.  I am still not clear what is advantage of installing SCS and provisioning  AMT?


      1. I assume, it will allow me to change AMT/ME BIOS setting from SCS without touching AMT platform?  Please confirm.


      2. What is difference between FULL UNPROVISION VS PARTIAL UNPROVISION?


      3. If I provision through SCS server,  then I physically go to ME BIOS and change some setting over there, Is it going to change /Mess up anything with provision in through SCS server?


      4.  Is it possible to change IP addreess of ME?  from DHCP tostatic Ip?




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          Hi Soni,


          The main purpose of SCS is the capability to configure multiples vPro machine from a central location.


          You can change multiples configuration in ME from SCS. However just what is in profile.


          The difference between FULL UNPROVISION and PARTIAL UNPROVISION, is the that the first you purge all information from ME except ME password if you are doing it from MEBx (i.e. Ctrl+P) while PARTICIAL UNPROVISION you keep PSK or PKI hash (basically, it's the difference).


          You can change from DHCP to static IP, there is no problem from SCS perspective, but if machine is already provisioned you should do it manually in MEBx, you can't do it from SCS.


          Some ISVs, use SCS as a password repository, if you decide to random vPro passwords and you can use WS-Man to reach SCS and get the password for each machine, or you can do it also from SCS console (i.e. manually).


          Bottom line: if you have just a few machines you can consider configure vPro manually, otherwise SCS can be used to scale and keep vPro configuration centralized.... you can change vPro passwords from this point, changing in profile and sync.


          My two cents!


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            Thanks for your help and great explanation.