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    DP67BA - How to disable HD Audio?


      After disabling HD Audio in the BIOS as well as from Windows 7 x64 (Ultimate), upon re-starting Windows 7 the HD Audio re-appears. Nothing seems to work: disabling, uninstalling, etc.


      How does one completely disable/uninstall the HD Audio in such a way that it forever more never re-appear?


      I am asking because I am having a problem with Creative Labs X-Fi PCIe Champion card. The card works and most applications work, but there are a few Creative programs that don't work such as the Audio Control Console which I need. Here is what I posted in the Creative Labs forums:


      Houston, we have a problem (Windows 7 x64)..........

      I just purchased a brand new PC with Windows 7 Ultimate x64 with a PCIe X-Fi Fatal1ty Champion. Everything is fine (i.e. playback, recording on microphone, Volume Panel, Creative System Information see's everything just fine, etc.) EXCEPT:


      1. Creative Audio Control Panel won't work. Error is The audio device supported by this application is not detected.
      2. Creative Console Launcher won't work. Error is There are no supported audio device available.
      3. The update to get the drivers version 2.17.0008 (CD installed 2.17.7) hangs - I leave it running for hours and it does nothing.

      I have read just about everything; tried just about everything; uninstalled all Creative and then re-installed in every way I have seen referenced here and on the internet; and, yes, the on-board audio in BIOS is disabled. I have also removed and put the card back in several times.


      The bottom line is that I think this is an application issue. I could be offbase here, but it mystifies me how some applications, Creative and non-Creative, can access and use the card but some specific Creative applications can't.


      This is my last hope to solve the problem. I need to be able to get to the Audio Console (I don't really care about the Launcher). I believe that if I could get the 2.17.8 drivers installed, it could solve the problem but I won't know until that is resolved.


      Creative is pretty much in denial (I have a case opened with them).