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    Windows 7 x64 and 82577LM




      First, sorry for my english, I'm French.

      I still can't test with W7 x86 if the problem is similar but with the latest drivers here, I've got a lot of bad checksum. I use Wireshark.


      My bandwidth isn't so bad but I've Ubuntu 10.10 x64 on the same laptop (it's a Dell E6410 and I've made a clean install of W7, without Dell's programs) and I don't have any errors using Wireshark and doing the same test. The bandwidth is also better under Ubuntu than Windows 7.


      I love the Intel drivers on Windows with an integrated cable tester but it seems there is a problem with them, or maybe with Dell. I've made a test on a E6510 and the problem is the same.


      Sorry if I haven't seen the solution here!


      Thank you for your help.


      Best regards!