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    VLAN tab is missing in network adapter properties binded into Hyper-V VNM




      I have big trouble / headache problem and it is same with previous three version of network adapter driver with ANS (also with latest from 01/27/2010).


      Two servers are in 2008 R2 failover cluster. Network adapters are 2 x 82576 gigabit dual port. There is established team between two ports. Then, on teamed adapter are made some VLAN's. When virtual adapter with one created VLAN is binded into Hyper-V virtual network manager, after that there is no more VLAN tab in configuration of Team adapter.


      So question was how to add more or remove existing VLAN's ? Why VLAN tab is dissapearing ?


      OK, first I have to unbind or virtual (VLAN) adapters from Hyper-V so I can get back VLAN tab... but that is.... I don't have words to describe hat ...


      OK, I've found that I can use prosetcl.exe.


      But something that should be so simple is NOT !  Complet cluster went down and network connectivity was broken in moment when using prosetcl.exe to add some vlan's.


      I think that adding VLAN's should not break network or cluster, or am I wrong ?