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    DH67CL: Blue Screens and Freezes


      I'm having an issue with my new system.  Upon extend files transfers (50GB +) on either network or disk to disk my system will blue screen or freeze completely.  I have run the WD diagnostic tools against all my HDD's and they all pass successfully.  I have run PassMark BurnIn app at least 20 times without issue.  My system runs stable under daily operation, it is only during large file transfers that it will blue screen or freeze. Is this a symptom of the series 6 sata defect?




      Intel DH67CL

      Intel core i5 2400

      HDD - OCZ Vertex 2 - 50 GB

      HDD2 - WD Green 2TB

      HDD3 - WD Green 1TB

      OS: Win 7 64 bit




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          Iam with the same problem, but when i using Auto Cad and 3D Max aplications.


          My system:


          I3 2100


          Kingston DDR3 2Gb 1333Mhz

          Samsung 500Gb Sata II


          O.S Windows 7 32 bit Home Premium

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            What SATA ports are using?  I wouldn't recommend using the 6Gbps 3Gbps ports until you get your board replaced.


            I have a client with a 6-series using Sony Vegas and having similar problems, but I'm waiting till the board can be replaced before worrying further.

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              I finally figured out the problem.  It was a BIOS issue i had been running BLH6710H.86A.0076 but as soon as i upgraded to BLH6710H.86A.0105 it fixed the problem.


              I had previously tried to update the BIOS with the express BIOS update and it told me that it had completed successfully.  I didn't actually go into system information and verify that it had updated.  When i checked again i noticed that i was still using the old BIOS.  In order to do the update i had to boot from a CD.



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                thanks a lot!


                - now my WD drives show in the BIOS 6GB/s transfer instead of previously 3 GB/s.


                I had random system freezes with my system




                8 GB TeamGroup 1333

                GTX550 Ti Video Card

                2x WD 500 GB SATA3


                using Win7 x64.


                I will test now my system if there are still freezes by now. If not, the BIOS update solves a lot of problems and anyone who experiences similar problems with this chipset should try an update.


                BTW, express installation ran successful at my system.


                I also want Intel to give a statement to this issues. It is unbelievable to wait for a B3 revision, and then still getting lazy issues which take me days to solve.

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                  no sense of using a bios update at my case.


                  Intel, what the ****** is wrong?? I spend hundreds of dollars for my system, and getting random freezes because of your buggy F***** mainboard!!


                  WHAT THE ****** IS SO HARD TO MANUFACTURE A STABLE BOARD????? WHAT THE F******?????????

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                    i hav also similar problems, my pc get freeze, even i update the bios n windows as well, problems remain same !!! intel call the replacement upon such issue! how can we replace it??

                    my system is i5 2500

                    Board, DH67CL

                    sata 500 gb

                    DDR3 , 2 gb

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                      kapil raval

                      i have random system freezes problem with my sistem


                      i7- 2600k


                      corsair 8GB DD3 RAM

                      No graphic card

                      WD 1 TB HDD



                      My system mostly freeze when i am browsing on Firefox and watching movie...... but now a days it freeze any time even not doing anything ....


                      Plz help me out.. i am a student in animation field and due to this problem i have lot of problem in my study ... plz plz plz plz ..help me out...