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    Is this a Intel issue or Windows?


      I recently put in a new hard drive, my old one died.   In the process I upgraded from Vista to Windows 7.  In my Device manager there is a thing listed as "other devices".  I had a hard time tracking it down and am not sure I still have. It something called a PCI Simple Communication Controller.   I went through the properties information and the driver hardware ID is PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_29A4&SUBSYS_OCEF105B&REV_02.  I did a google search and came back with this: (below)    My confusion is; it identifies it as a Intel HECI Controller (whatever that is!!) but above that it says it's a Windows 7 Device Driver.  So is this a driver for Intel or is it something I need to get from Microsoft??    I checked with the OEM and couldn't find a thing, nothing new there; it's Acer.     Can anyone tell me what this is and where do I go to get the driver; and is it something I even need???