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    Need help with my drivers.


      I just replaced my Intel D975XBX2 board, with Intel Core 2 Quad processor, with an Intel DX58SO board, with Intel Core i7. But I can't get the drivers for the DX58SO to instll, or my system to boot. If there is anyone who could help me out with this I'd appricate the help. Intel support won't help me at all.

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          hi i am a little problem, my computer is a fujitsu siemens, with intel 910, 915 gm  chipset, but winxp said the  hdd is in ide mode, vith ultra ata, and two ata channel, but hdd is westerndigital sata hdd, what can i do , windows recognize correctly?

          in bios unable modify the driver state, show ide mode, no posibility for changing, i try vaiorus driver downloaded from there, included the original driver from fujitsu site nothing changed, the intel rapid storage manager, and the infinstall said the system not have some requirements, but not said what? what can i do for solve the problem?


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            Are you reloading the OS or just trying to use the HDD from the old system on the new system?

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              Loosly, ATA = IDE

              S ATA = Serial ATA


              Is the systemm able to see the HDD in the DISK management screen?

              Has it assigned it a drive letter?

              Is the drive reporting the correct size?

              Where are you seeing windows report the device as IDE?

              Any other strange reported devices, such as the CPU's?

              Are you running on a virtulized system?

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                I no longer need assistance with this... Apparently if you upgrage your motherboard, and processor you have no choice but to wipe your hard drive. Which for this reason is why I will not buy Intel again.  You would think they would make it easy for you to upgrade from an Intel product to an Intel product. And because I'm a spiteful person I hope Intels sales drop, and the company hits hard times.