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    Driver for 845EPI doesnt work


      Hi there,


      the driver for making the devices plug n playable doesnt really work..


      If there are the drivers already in the OS (using Windows XP Pro) can you perhaps just name them,

      so i can install them manually?

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          You'll need to find out the make and model of your motherboard and go to the manufacturers website and download the drivers from there. The number you listed is part of an Intel chipset (a chip or chips on the motherboard) but it's the motherboard manufacturer who'll have the correct drivers for the whole motherboard. Do you know which motherboard make and model you have? If you're not comfortable taking the cover off the PC (or there isn't an informative POST screen to tell you these details) then you can always resort to a friendly PC repair shop who shouldn't charge much, just to install the latest drivers for your hardware.

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            First of all, thank you for your reply!


            Erm.. Yea, I really searched for the manu sign, but didnt find a thing.. I will try it again and reply as fast.