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    Should I build a system with HD67CL Motherboard and I7-2600K?


      I'm building a new system in the next couple of weeks and my choice based on specs is the HD67CL MB with a 2600K.


      My first question is if I order that Motherboard now from a retailer like Amazon will it come with the SATA bug or has Intel quarrenteined all the problem chips?


      It's a tough decision since I won't need more than 2 disks now but who knows in the long run.  The on board graphics are a BIG plus.


      Is here any word on when motherboards with the "fix" will be available?


      Is there anyway to tell if the board I order has the problem or the fix?




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          According to everything I have read, Intel chipset team has stopped shipment to all OEM (including internal) and the new fixed versions should start shipping by the end of Feb.


          I expect that everyine will all start building ASAP and board should be rolling out by mid march (shipping time could slow thing down)

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            Thanks Doc,


            Since I asked the question I've been reading more and agree, it doesn't make sense to buy something with the affected chipset until the fix comes out.  Looks like April a the earliest and more likely June.


            I can wait that long for some but not all of the systems I have in the planning stage but one needs to be ordered this week.


            My choices are:

            • I7-2600K with a motherboard based the H55 chipset and external video card.
            • Phenom II x6 with the 890 chipset probably a Gigabyte motherboard


            The application is a medical imaging review station.


            I expect to see little performance difference between the H55 and H67 chipsets but the external video card will make the price difference even larger between the Intel and AMD system.


            The disappointing part is this system was going to let me get a better handle on the real life performance difference between the I7 and Phenom.  I expect the I7 to be clear winner but I lack data.


            Oh well, off to get some firm prices on the new configuration.


            Thanks again,


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              I would not go with Intel's Sandy Bridge if I were you. I've learned my lesson a week ago after I spent some money buying an Core i7 2600K processor, 4 sticks of RAM & a faulty ASRock Fatal1ty P67 motherboard. I ended up returning my motherboard & soon will return my CPU too (if I still can return it).


              AMD's Bulldozer will be coming out I heard mid year. It's a lot faster than Sandy Bridge also from what I've heard. By the time Intel finished fixing Sandy Bridge faulty chipsets, the Core i7 2600K will become obsolete.


              Intel really fuc___  things up. You can buy the CPU but you can't use it for now & have to wait until April or maybe longer as there's hardly any stores online selling Sandy Bridge motherboards (there is but only in Eurore & the motherboard I like is priced like gold, almost doubled). What a joke. Someone should sue Intel.




              I don't really care about the deffective chipset as I'm not using the older SATA. What makes me angry is that you can't used the CPU for now & has to wait for couple of months.