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    New System, 80gb Intel X25-M SSD, 3 mechanical HDDs


      The driver from Windows 7 ultimate install, for the hard disks, is from microsoft, from 6/21/2006.  Is it worth installing the latest RST divers?  To get TRIM operating properly?  Even if not going to have a RAID?


      The intel download page has regular RST drivers, then F6 drivers for 32 bit and F6 drivers for 64 bit.


      If I go to the regular RST drivers, which I assume I can install now, after windows is installed, has two files listed - iata_enu.exe of 6.54 mb and iata_cd.exe of 11.51 mb.  They both seem to be for windows 7, both 32 and 64 bit.  The larger is multilanguage vs English.


      So - install?  Just run the English file?