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    PCTuner and Mail protection vPro synergies





      We have 2 applications that we would like to know if there is any intercept between our product features and AMT.



      1. PC Tuner appplication: helps to clean and optimize your PC

      2. Email protector : the SW is a defence against viruses and spam, also prevents internal threats from using your resources to send  viruses or spam.



      Do let us know which specific features we can take advantage of and how?


















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                I'm glad to see that you're interested in finding out if Intel(R) Active Management Technology, Intel(R) AMT, can be used to enhance the features of your product. The short answer is yes, there may be an intercept between the features offered by Intel(R) AMT and the product features you described.


                First of all, I encourage you to review the use cases for Intel(R) AMT (also available here for software developers) to determine for yourself which Intel(R) AMT features you think are relevant to your product and its features.


                Now, based on what you've described for your product, my recommendation would be a combination of the following Intel(R) AMT features: Agent Presence, client isolation and recovery (Circuit Breaker) and software inventory management.


                Agent Presence can be used to ensure that your application is running on the target systems that support Intel(R) AMT. If, for any reason that they are stopped, crashed or hung, the underlying hardware platform can send an alert to a central management application, alerting an IT professional who can take steps to remedy the situation.


                Circuit Breaker, or the ability to limit or stop network traffic to and from the target system, can be used to isolate an infected client system from the rest of the network. In the event that a system becomes infected with a virus, the underlying hardware platform with Intel(R) AMT can prevent the operating system and any applications that are currently running on that system from accessing other systems and potentially infecting them. However, the network interface is open to the Intel(R) AMT Management Engine allowing an IT professional to remotely connect to and repair the system using any number of available methods.


                Finally, Intel(R) AMT can be used to enable the management of a client's software inventory. Here, you can ensure that the software you've delivered to these systems is up-to-date and that any virus definitions are current. In the event that these need attention, the system can send an alert to a management application where an IT professional can take the necessary steps to rectify the non-compliant sytem.


                Now, if you were to combine the usage of these Intel(R) AMT features you would have a fairly comprehensive solution to aid in the security and reliability of your network and the client systems attached to it. While I've kept this to a brief overview of the features and how they might apply to your product, I encourage you to ask any additional detailed questions that you need to fully understand the benefit this technology can offer your business.



                - Brett McKown

                Senior Software Engineer

                Intel Digital Enterprise Group / Digital Office Platform Division

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