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    D525MW - Unstable with 4GB RAM


      Hello Everybody,


      I have a D525MW Atom Mainboard and encountered kind of incompatibility issue. I heard that this Board is a bit picky about the RAM so I ordered 2 Modules of Kingston RAM (KVR800D3S8S6/2G) which is on the compatibility List. If I try to install Vista or Windows 7 the Machine reboots before the installation could be finished. With one Module everything is working great.


      What I have done so far:

      -          Checked both RAM Modules with Memtest and Windows Memory Check -> no errors found

      -          Upgraded BIOS to the latest Version MWPNT10N.86A.0074.2010.1217.1730

      -          Swapped the Power supply without any luck

      -          Tried another Harddisk / SATA Cable


      Does anybody run into the same Problem with that Board?


      Thanks in Advance,


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          We have used lot of this D525MW with Kingston KVR1333D3S9/2G 1.5V without problem. The Bios will show work the ram at 800Mhz. Check for correct memory voltage detection at the Bios Memory Configuration, though this setting is lock. It is showing 1.84V in our case of 1.5V actual.


          If everything seem correct, the board fails to operate with 2 banks populated, it's probably faulty. Call Intel for RMA.


          Do upgrade the Bios to 074 before activation of Windows 7, upgrade after will require reactivation of Windows 7 and all hardware sensitive softwares. Intel didn't mention this on their Bios updated page, which created quite a problem.

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            Thanks a lot for your Answer! I also think that the Board might be faulty. To verify this I will borrow a 2 GB RAM Module from a friend of mine and swap it with one of my Modules. If the System is still unstable with either of the Modules I will RMA the Board.


            In theory it could be the RAM because Memtest and Windows Memory Check have kind of a blind Spot. The area of the RAM that is used for the shared Video Memory could not be checked by these Tools. When two modules are used this Memory Gap will move to an different area. But this is pure theory...


            I will keep you informed about the results.

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              I did the chek with a different Module of Kingston DDR3 RAM KVR1066D3S7/2G and guess what... it works! But only if the Module KVR1066D3S7/2G is in Slot 0 and KVR800D3S8S6/2G is in Slot 1. With this RAM Config I was able to finish Memtest for 4GB with either of my KVR800D3S8S6/2G Modules installed. They are all definitely OK... To bad I have to return the borrowed RAM soon.


              Bottom Line: I burned the whole Weekend to get this junk working with 4GB! And just for grins.. It is the Memory Intel recommends!!! Shame on Intel!


              Anyway I will try to return the Board and the RAM and get refund, cause this is the strangest PC build i ever had and I don't trust a System that causes that kind of trouble.

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                After a lot of frustrating RMA my system is running (at last). The root cause was the RAM, but it was definitly OK. I think nobody at  Intel has ever run a D525MW using the recomended RAM configuration at 4GB. That's really a shame! I've bought much cheaper KVR1333D3S9/2G PC1333 2GB Modules which are running without any hassle.


                It really rocks for the Power it uses and the Money I spent. I've thrown in a 60 GB SSD as a System Drive and a blazing fast 2,5 Inch / 7200K Drive for the Data. Now I have a super fast, cool running, high efficient (19,2 W idle) and most of the Day noiseless System.

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                  Just throwing my two cents in, I too ran into problems building a system for a friend when trying to populate the board with 4 gigs of RAM (Crucial

                  CT2KIT25664BC1339, 2x2GB kit). Would run perfectly fine with one 2GB stick in either slot, regardless of which module I used. Surprisingly, this post on this forum was the only information I found of any one else having the same problem. I too ordered the aforementioned Kingston memory to replace the Crucial RAM and the system then performed as expected. As I purchased the kit of memory from Newegg and not direct from Crucial, I am stuck with it, but it is the first time I have had a problem with memory suggested by Crucial's website for a specific board. I would expect high-end, high performance boards to be picky with memory, but considering this is a budget board to start with (the 4GB of memory cost almost as much as the board itself) I am a little disappointed.