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    DH67CL Bugs


      My System: DH67CL, i5-2500k and memory Corsair XMS 3 8GB Kit (2x 4GB) CMX8GX3M2A1333C9. New bios update is installed.

      Windows setup shows me SATA Port 0 as Disk 1 and SATA Port 1 as Disk 0 (the same error as in my old DP55WG, but not in my DH55HC).

      Memory (auto in Bios) will show only PC-8500 in CPU-Z, and there are also showing wrong slots, slot 3 is slot 1...

      If I set the memory to 1333 it will run but CPU-Z don't show any voltage and channel informations.

      Anybody got also these errors? Or are my memories not compatible?

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          Check the support page for your mother board to see if you have the latest chipset drivers, a new one is supposed to be available.  Another post a few above yours also mentions that the coming SP1 for Windows 7 may also fix some of these issues.  I would try these first before deeming your memory incompatible.

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            The latest drivers are installed, but the problem is still there. I also got a new problem with dual monitor (DVI, HDIM). I don't see the Intel splash screen now, only a black screen. I think my MB was broken an I'll send it back.

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              I am also having these issues.  The Corsair memory (XMS 3 2x 4GB) won't even post when manually configured to 1333 and won't allow windows to boot when auto config'd.  Memory sticks checked good in another system, and also passed memtest.  Hopefully the replacement board for the 6-chip issue will resolve this issue as well.


              DH67CL and i5-2300

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                Regarding your memory, all Core i CPU's have the memory controller, called the IMC, on the CPU die, not in the P67 PCH chip, so a mother board change likely won't address that issue.


                Your Corsair memory has an XMP profile, can't that be enabled in the BIOS?  CPU-Z will show on the SPD tab the SPD and XMP data populated on your DIMMs.  It sounds like you could not see what the memory settings were when the BIOS was set to Auto for memory.  The Technical Specifications for the mother board discusses a memory voltage of 1.5V, and an option exists to raise it for other memory.  The Corsair memory you use is rated at 1.6V.  Did you set that manually in the BIOS or enable something to increase the voltage?  Is there a setting for the DMI voltage you could adjust?  Sorry but I don't have any experience with this board and it's BIOS.


                Perhaps this board suffers from a flaky BIOS that I experienced with a different Intel mother board.  Don't know what else to suggest except to clear/reset the BIOS and try again and try the memory settings I suggested.

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                  I think it's a bios programming problem. My corsair memories did run in an asus board without any problems and with correct settings on auto. I tried this intel board an I tried an Intel H55 and P55 Board, all got wrong memory speed if set them on auto. I am also unable to use dual monitors, not with this H67 nor with a H55 board. I can set all possible video modes in bios, but as best result I can boot windows. But without the splash screen shown. And if I activate UEFI and try to install the gfx driver, I got a blue screen. Now I run this board with manual 1333 settings and only one monitor. This works stable.