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    Rapid Storage RAID: how can I restore the entire recovery drive?


      Using RST on Win7Pro32, two identical 250Gb SATA drives.

      I have a RAID1 setup with manual update mode. I have built a recovery mirror from the master disk. So far so good.


      What I wish to do, is to be able to restore the master disk from the recovery disk, kind of like rolling back a Ghost image.

      I have searched for hours, but I cannot find all expected functionality in the RST program. In the topic named "Recovering Data", the Help-file mentions:


      "1.    Under 'Status', in the Manage subsection, click 'Recover data' or click the recovery volume in the storage system view, and then click 'Recover data'."


      There is definitely NO recover data button in the program. Furthermore, a lot of other commands as mentioned in the help file are simply not there, like the "swap disks" command. And to make things even worse, I get an error trying to access the recovery file by bringing the disk online. It worked just once, right after manually updating the recovery disk, but not anymore.


      Hopefully the attached screenshot will make things clear.


      My question: how can I restore the master disk back to a previous state, as mirrored on the recovery disk?rst.JPG