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    Tool from Gigabyte to Identify SATA 2 Port Connections on H67/P67 Boards


      The article below discusses a tool offered by Gigabyte to identify which SATA 2 ports are in use on H67 and P67 chipset mother boards:




      This tool may be used on any H67 or P67 mother board, not only those made by Gigabyte.


      The tool simply identifies if any drives on H67 or P67 PCs are connected to the SATA 2 ports.  That allows the user to determine if they might be affected by the H67/P67 problem with the SATA 2 ports.


      Laptop and OEM PC owners will likely benefit the most from using this tool, as they may not be aware of which SATA ports their drives are using.


      Here is a link to Gigabyte's web site where the tool may be downloaded:




      Please note this tool does not fix this problem and does not indicate how close your chipset is to degraded functioning.  It only shows which drives in your PC are connected to the H67 or P67 SATA 2 ports.


      I don't own one of these mother boards, so if anyone tries it please let us know how it works, etc.

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          I have an H67 "Express" in a Gateway DX4860 that I bought this February.  I just recently found out about the glitch and I'm still a bit concerned as to whether everything is okay, although now that I see that it seems to be only the SATA2 ports that are affected (I have an optical drive connected to SATA2 port4 and the HD connected to a SATA3 port0).


          There isn't much to this utility, really, it just lists all the SATA ports on the machine, whether there is a device connected to each one or not and if the configuration is "okay".  I had to do a little research into how to do a screenshot in Window$ 7, but here it is: