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    repeated raid 5 drive failure with Matrix Storage Manager 8.9


      Hello !


      One drive of my raid5 failed. I have two new ones and an old one and the old failed.

      Looks like a drive error. I replaced the drive and it was automatically added to the

      drive array and the rebuild starts [I have expected, that I have to tell this action

      explicitely]. Astoundigly, the new disk appears at another port on the controller.

      I had to remove all, so I was not sure, that I have really used the same connector

      on the MoBo [but think so]. This disk was originally seen at port 3 and is now port 1.

      But ISM accepted this as a valid drive for the array.


      After the rebuild finished [~18h], the new drive failed again. I was wondering, that

      the new drive should have been died that fast [new electronics has the trend to

      die within the first 100h], but just used the action "clear the error [or such]" and

      then started the rebuild again. The next array rebuild failed again, but this case with

      another disk!!!! This other drives is not a year old and I cannot imagine, that it

      should have failed nearly at the same time like the really old one!


      Any ideas, what I've made wrong?

      Should I re-arrange the drive connection to the MoBo?


      I must remove the disks and test them into another computer. The Intel Matrix

      Storage Manager has really not the minimum of diagnostics in it and I feel really

      bad with it now. Even the usual tools have SMART diagnostics, which - in case

      of the array controller - is naturally hidden for other tools. Until now, Intel is too

      lazy to build in access to the SMART data of the drives.


      After I read all the threads about the ICH10R, I think, there is a worm in it.

      Are there any payable alternates [using a separat controller] for RAID

      controllers which work well under Windows?


      Thanks anyway and

      best regards,



      Using: "Windows Server 2008 R2 [x64]", all patches, MoBo: ASUS P6TSE,

      all disks are WD, ISM

      [Note:Another bad intel behavior:It does not show the full version,

      you must find the right program and uses explorer properties dialog ....]