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    Intel's motherboards SATA/eSATA (internal/external) mismatches


      I can't understand where is a problem - on Intel or Microsoft side?

      Board No. 1 - DH57JG
      SATA ports:
      0&1 - empty
      2 - Intel SSD
      3 - DVD
      BIOS setting for SATA - AHCI.
      OS - Windows 7-64 Ultimate (clean install).
      Latest BIOS&drivers&OS updates.
      OS driver - MS AHCI.
      Windows shows/treat SSD as removable (SSD shows up under "Safely remove hardware").
      Must use workaround - registry modification with TreatAsInternalPort for msahci according to

      Board No. 2 - DH67DG
      Internal SATA ports:
      0 - Intel SSD.
      1&2 - 2xHDD, RAID 1
      3 - DVD
      4 - INternal (connected to front panel) - empty
      5 - EXternal (motherboard's back panel) - empty
      BIOS for SATA setting - RAID. OS - Windows 7-64 Home Premium OEM (clean install).
      Latest BIOS&drivers&OS updates.
      OS driver - Intel. 
      In BIOS everything shows ok.
      But in  Intel RST:
      port 3 is marked as EXternal and DVD shows up in Win7 under "Safely remove hardware"
      port 4 is marked as EXternal (allowing Safely remove hardware feature if eSATA disk attached)
      port 5 is marked as INternal (blocking Safely remove hardware feature if eSATA disk attached)
      Workaround with registry modification with TreatAsInternalPort (msahci) doesn't work, of course.

      Board No. 3 - DP67DE
      To be continued when assembling is finished...
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          Intel Rapid Storage numbering, and what you can read as "location" in the windows property screen of the device in the device manager, are the right numbers, and the same, because they only rely on internal addressing of the chipset.

          Then there are the silk screen on the boards, the printed label document (and file), the user manual, the technical update specification, and maybe others which are (often) subject to human errors.

          If numbers in bios are not the same as Intel Rapid Storage, it is possible that the people in charge of this part of bios just had a look at the manual, the silk screen, and so on...


          In ICH10 and H67 (and probably all the ICH10 followers) e-sata ports are 5 and 4.

          On my DH67GD Intel board Port 0 and 1 are 6Gb/s ones (blue), 2 and 3 are internal 3Gb/s (lblack), 4 is on board external e-sata (red), 5 is external e-sata.

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            It's not about numbering.
            Problem is that SATA (Internal) drives is treated as removable eSATA (External) and vice versa on Windows 7.
            Regardless of msahci or Intel RST drivers.


            SATA drives (ports 0-3) shouldn't  show up in "Safely remove hardware". But eSATA (ports 4-5) drives have to show up there.

            For msahci driver there is a one way workaround - external (eSATA) port can be treated as internal by registry hack.
            For RST i don't know.   

            For example on DH67GD  I can't Safely remove eSATA disk which is connected  to back panel. I have to shutdown system for that. At the same time I can accidently "Safely remove" DVD which is connected to internal SATA. And I have to reboot system to see DVD again.

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              hi there i've the solution for the dp67bg board:


              i installed the latest chipset device driver software.

              dont know if the problem went away only with it i believe it was gone then, but after it i installed

              win7sp1 rtm. , the internal harddrives are not shown as hotplug drives anymore




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                Thanks for directions.
                Chipset drivers alone didn't resolve it.
                Win 7 SP1 RTM still not available officially  - so I can't put it on those computers.

                I will try it with third (DP67DE) board :)

                If it helps, then Microsoft must be blamed for mismatches:)

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                  With latest BIOS&drivers everything seems fine for DH67GD and DP67DE.
                  Still doesn't for DH57JG board. Have to use MS workaround with msahci.


                  P.S. WIN7 SP1 didn't try to install.