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    Serial ATA controller driver(s) for Intel D975xbx2 MoBo




      I recently upgraded my O/S from windows professional XP 64-bit to a clean install of windows 7 Professional x-64. The motherboard is a D972XBX2, and the PC that it is installed in works fine. The devices connected to the on-board SATA connectors include a 500GB Hitachi HDD and a DVD-ROM drive, and I do not have any problems with these. However, indications in Device Manager are that no driver has been installed for the serial ATA controller, and this is a big puzzle that has me stumped. I am unable to find any compatible driver from either the Intel driver download center, or microsoft windows update, for this component and I am unable to get any assistance from Intel Tech Support. This is simply because the D975XBX2 mother board is no longer made by them. I've had this PC for almost four years, and all hardware passed the Microsoft windows 7 hardware compatibility test which promoted me to follow through with the upgrade to this operating system. I would appreciate any help that I can get for this issue. Thanks.