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    Games Crashing......Please Help...


      Hi, Recently changed my PSU to a CoolerMaster eXtreme Power Plus 600W.  Since then, I have been experiencing problems with my comp whenever I  try to play any game.

      Whenever I am playing any game, The game is crashing after a little while. This has been happening with every game.

      This is the Config of my PC.

      Intel Core2Quad Q8200@2.33Ghz
      XFX 630i 7100
      2GB Kingston DDR2 800Mhz
      XFX Geforce 9600GT 512MB GDDR3 650Mhz
      CoolerMaster eXtreme Power Plus 600W
      Seagate 160GB 7200
      Windows 7 32-Bit Ultimate


      I am not able to play any games on my PC. Please help.

      Other Information

      The temperature of my CPU under 0% load is 49-54C, and under  100% load goes up to 83C. Are these temperatures normal? The GPU remains at 55C under 100% load. The  CPU Fan is running at 3300RPM.

      Games Tried : Bionic Commando, GTA 4, Gears Of War.

      My normal Desktop is working fine. I able to browse the internet without any glitches whatsoever.

      Please suggest some solution.

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          So this issue never happened before you changed the PSU? if so have you  still got the other PSU  to be able to test with?

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            I ll try that. but are the temperatures normal ??? One more question comes in my mind that can a PSU(that too from coolermaster) cause such a wierd prob to a PC????

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              I have used the graphic card and the PSU on the other PC, with the same games, and the games worked perfectly fine.


              I changed the TIM of the processor and now the temp stays 44C under idle.


              I recently also got my hdd replaced.


              Now, either the problem is with the processor, or the mobo. PLease somebody help...!!

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                Your low end temps look very normal but 85C is pressing the therimal trip.


                Try running your system with the case open and see if CPU is running cooler.


                It could be a problem with the fan air directions and the new PS.


                Most chassis fans exhust the air out of the system and pull it in through the front.


                If your new PS has a larger cooling fan flow it might be creating a condition where the chassis fan can't get enought air accross the CPU.


                Other option is the cpu heat sink may not be seated completly. (but that should be unrelated to changing the PS)

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                  Looks like I did not read far enought down the POST.


                  So you CPU under load is better now also? (< 70)


                  If temps ae OK now,I would start suspecting memory caused crashes


                  Try a memory stress test and see if you also have issues.

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                    Hi Doc_SilverCreek, thanks a lot for your reply.


                    I used the the same card and the same PSU with another machine and everything worked like a charm.


                    Regarding the memory error, usually memory error causes frequent restarts, no display problem, and beep sounds. None has happened till now.


                    I ran the game without using the graphic card, still the problem prevailed. The amazing part is that, after the game crashes, the computer works very normal.


                    I doubt the mobo. What say?

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                      So when the game crashes, it reboots the system?, freezes the game? Game exits back to windows ?

                      Motherboard start up memory test only check a portion of the system memory usually 1 byte out of every 1000, although some boards have the option to enable a full memory test. The reason they don't normally test everything is your POST time would go to about 5 minutes and ~ 95% of all memory errors will be detected doing 1 k tests.


                      Games tend to be very memory intenstive so that one bad byte of ram can send your program out into the weeds.


                      Drivers and BIOS issues can cause similar issues so I would make sure you have all the newest drivers and BIOS code loaded. (and this is the easiest fix as it cost nothing)


                      If your board has a extended memory test, i would give it a try and / or try memtest86 http://memtest86.com/ which is one of the most robust memory test I have see (especially at the FREE price)

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                        Have you checked that the memory and other components are seated properly? i  say this just incase you knocked anythign when swapping the PSU around.  Between it working and then not working did you change anything else at all on the system?

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                          After the game crashes, the computer doesnt reboot. Neither the  game freezes. I get a message saying tht the *.exe has stopped working. I will try running the mem test to check the RAM. I also updated to the latest BIOS and all the drivers on my PC are latest.


                          Regarding the proper seating of all the components, everything is just perfect. I changed nothing in the system except the PSU.


                          1 Fact that is left to be disclosed.


                          The PSU (400W) I had earlier got overheated and stopped working. The pungent smell of something burnt was coming out of it. After this incident, I got the new PSU. Is there a chance that the earlier PSU had damaged my mobo or RAM or Processor?

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                            There is a chance low voltage before the PS died may have done damage.


                            Memory is still most likely


                            Although HDD being corrupted or damage is a possibility with the supply failing

                            Does your game play off a CD?  Optocal drives can also be sensitive to power damage.


                            Then I would suspect mother board and last processor. (processors are real tough)

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                              My, game is not playing off a CD. HDD is not possible as in the first place, I suspected the HDD itself and sent it for replacement. I will check the memory and let you know very soon. I hope that you are correct. Thanks a lot for your support.

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                                Ran the memtest for more than 3 hours. The test went up till 430.8%..!! There were no errors detected.


                                Now what??? What remains is the mobo and the processor. How do I determine??

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                                  MEMTEST86 is a very stressful test.


                                  If the system ran it for 4 hours with out issue, I would suspect the game itself.

                                  What game are you trying to play and have you checked for game patches ?

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                                    Can you run a test and see how many FPS you are getting out of the  9600GT , Most modern games require 60 FPS or better.

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