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    Intel Ethernet Adapter BLUESCREEN OF DEATH


      I need help, I recently bought a new computer with a Asus crosshair IV Formula motherboard that supports my Amd Phenom X6core, and i get BSOD every time i try to download something, because of my intel ethernet adapter driver( i have the newest driver available ).

      My bluescreen messages blames tcpip.sys and e1q62x64.sys


      Theres got to be a work around or something that Intel must've come up with by now, as i read other forums and start becoming aware that this is a problem among other people aswell.


      HELP? I dont want to realize i spent 600 dollars on a motherboard that malfunctions cause of the ethernet adapter driver..

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          Hi ihatebsofd,

          I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing the infamous blue screen of death. Using the driver name you are giving, I assume you are using a 64-bit edition of Windows 7. Let me know if that is not correct.


          Which Intel(R) Ethernet adapter do you have installed in your system? The driver you mentioned covers a few different Intel(R) Ethernet adapters and built-in network connections. I could not find any known issues with that driver that would cause a BSOD. Because I am not aware of a driver issue, the rest of my comments will focus on other things to look at.


          Do you have the latest BIOS on your motherboard? I see that ASUS has posted several BIOS updates for that board. I don't see anything specific to this issue in the notes that accompany each BIOS upgrade, but based on other Ethernet issues with other systems, a BIOS upgrade might help.


          If I am looking at the right set of specifications on the ASUS site, your board has a built-in Marvell network connection. Does disabling that connection in BIOS make any difference?


          Another thing you might is moving the Ethernet adapter to a different empty PCIe slot. Depending on how the system handles each slot, using a different slot might make a difference.


          Have you changed the PCIe frequency or voltage? I am assuming you are using the default settings, but I thought I would ask rather than assume anything.


          What video adapter or adapters are you using? Which slots are the adapters installed in? Are you using the latest video drivers?


          I hope one of these questions will lead you to a solution. If you do not find a solution, and you have a retail (boxed) Intel(R) Ethernet adapter, you should open a service ticket with Intel Customer Support to track a resolution.


          Mark H

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            I am using 64bit Windows 7 yes, and I dont have a PCIe NIC, the network adapter is built in to the motherboard, and I really don't want to update my bios unless its the absolute only thing to do, seeing as if anything goes wrong i can just throw the motherboard in the trash .


            I have gotten the issue confirmed by the gentle people over at Sevenforums.com, and every bluescreen message blames the Intel Ethernet Adapter driver, and I also read that others are having the same issue with the same motherboard that I have, I could simply go out and by a new network card but I really don't feel like spending more money on a motherboard that i already payed over $500 for.


            My intel etherned adapter is :


            Intel(R) 82583V Gigabit Network Connection

            Location: PCI Slot 33 (PCI bus 11, device 0, function 0)

            Driver Provide: Intel

            Driver Date: 29.09.2010

            Driver Version


            I also found a reply that you gave Mark, in a different thread, where you said this :


            Follow these steps.


            Make a copy of the original software package before you do the other steps so you can go back to the original file if you make a mistake.


            Open your software package with WinZip* or a similar program.


            In the PRO1000\Winx64\NDIS62 directory you will find the e1k62x64.inf file.


            Open the file.


            Find the [E10EA.HW] and [E10EB.HW] sections


            Add this line to each of the above sections
            AddReg = MSI.reg


            Save the file and install the drivers and software.




            The edited sections should look like this example when you are done.


            Include = machine.inf
            Needs = PciIoSpaceNotRequired
            AddReg = MSI.reg




            Include = machine.inf
            Needs = PciIoSpaceNotRequired
            AddReg = MSI.reg


            Let us know how this works out for you.



            This however was for a e1k62x64 problem with a wireless adapter, my bluescreens gives me the error e1q62x64 and I'm wondering if maybe some of the stuff you wrote in that other thread could apply to my problem.

            I do believe that my Network adapter also works with wireless network, but I can't test it because I don't have a wireless network set up.

            EDIT: I'm extremely sorry, I missinformed you, my motherboard is ASUS Crosshair IV Extreme, Socket-AM3


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              Unfortunately, the workaround to the e1k driver I wrote about does not apply to your situation.  I am not aware of any issues with the driver version you are using. Therefore, making sure your BIOS is up to date is a logical next step.


              The description I see for the BIOS updates for your motherboard say "Improve system stability."  As to whether or not a BIOS upgrade might help with your specific issue, I do not know. If you contact ASUSTeK, they might have more details available.


              Please post here if a BIOS update or something else resolves your issue.


              Mark H

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                I am pretty comfortable with my system stability at the moment of writing, only one bluescreen in 48 hours and it still blames the intel driver, i applied a microsoft tcpip.sys hotfix, which made the system ALOT more stable, but not perfect, and I really don't want to be messing with bios updates until i absolutely have no other option what so ever

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                  I would like to get the dmp file that Windows writes to your hard drive when you get a BSOD. There should be enough information in there to tell if this is a driver issue. I will send you a message with my email address so I can get the information from you. If the BSOD is caused by the driver, then we will want to fix it.


                  Mark H

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                    Mark, I know that this is an older thread, but this blue screen death thing is something that I'm finding to be very common among PC online board members who have this same ASUS Crosshair IV Extreme motherboard, and I am now one of those people who do, and I too am having major problems with the blue screen, and just like everyone else reporting this problem, the blue screen info I'm getting is listing that same TCPIP.SYS file as well as the other file name mentioned here, and YES, I alreay have updated the motherboard BIOS to the latest version, and I still get the blue screen crashes every single day, and it's awlays when I play videos from YOUTUBE as well as from many other websites. So apparently, neither ASUS nor INTEL has solved this problem. Am I wrong about that? if so, then please correct me, and please help me to find access to the solution and to the fix, because I have yet to find it despite the fact that I've contacted Microsoft as well as ASUS about this problem several times, and nobody has been able to give me a solution.


                    I've sent the error log files including the crash dump records to Microsoft, but to no avail. If there isn't any solution yet after this has been an ongoing problem for about 6 months now, that would indicate severe negligence. But again, please enlighten me if there's some updated info on this topic, as well as a direct fix for it, because as a consumer of PC hardware and software, I find this to be absurd. As you can tell, I'm not a happy camper right about now, but can you blame me after spending a good buck on a motherboard, and it just won't work right despite sales pitches made by manufactures that it's supposed to be the latest and greatest since sliced bread. Oh yeah, I'm frustrated to say the least. If you can help, I'd really appreciate it.

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                      Hi BillyGman,

                      I am sorry to hear about your issues with the BSOD. I cannot blame you for being unhappy with the crashes. We are working on an update to the e1q driver used by your network connection. I will post a message when the fix is available.


                      Mark H

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                        Dear Ihatebsofd,


                        If the BSOD is with Intel(R) 82583V Gigabit Network Connection, you may want to try this to see if the BSOD goes away.


                        1. Please find the 82583V device in registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_150C&SUBSYS_00008086\.

                        2. Open \Device Parameters\Interrupt Management\MessageSignaledInterruptProperties\.

                        3. If [MessageNumberLimit] is '1' (default value on 82583V device), please change it to '3'.

                        4. Restart the system or the device driver from Device Manager.


                        Please let me know if the BSOD still happens after this change.


                        Thank you,


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                          Under PCI i cant find VEN_8086&DEV_150C&SUBSYS_00008086


                          I have




                          Thats the only ven starting with 8086


                          EDIT: I'll try it anyway since i found what you told me to change, even though it's in the wrong folder I can always change it back, I'll be heard from if i bluescreen, otherwise tell me if i shouldn't be doing this since the location is different than what you wrote!

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                            I just bluescreened again (tested it hard ) was running spotify, downloading at 1,5mbps, playing an online game & being on 4 different websites in firefox.

                            Bluescreened after about 45-50 minutes.

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                              Well as for me, I'm not going to wait any longer for Intel and ASUS to get up off their butts and come up with a fix for this rediculous issue. I tossed the motherboard and installed the ASUS M4A89GTD PRO motherboard, and it works great. No blue screen garbage like I continued to have with the ASUS Crosshair IV Extreme.  What a joke that they call it "Extreme". Yeah it's extreme alright. Extreme price tag, and extreme problems. Well now it's Extreme garbage as far as I'm concerned. I hassled for several weeks trying to get that thing to work, but to no avail. despite calling the tech departments of Microsoft, and ASUS, and finally coming to this board for help. But that didn't get me anywhere. I have better things to do than to screw around day after day, week after week with a faulty motherboard. I spent countless hours on the telephone with four different tech people about this problem. What a waste of time and money! Thanks to ASUS and Intel.

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                                I feel your pain.. even as I tried to reply to this thread just now i bluescreened again <.< unfortunately all the money I had saved up, I used on this computer and I simply cant afford to toss the motherboard away, 2600 NOK / 350 euro on this mobo is something i can't afford to replace no matter how much i want to get a new one and live bluescreen free.. =(

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                                  I don't enjoy having to say this, but until these two companies work at this and come up with a fix, I don't believe that yor motherboard will ever work right during video play. So you had better get used to those blue screen crashes, because I don't think that they're in any hurry to take care of this matter at all. They're making big money on the sales of these boards, and they just don't care. Too busy sitting back counting their money I guess. It's downright negligence and fraudulant sales practices too!

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                                    Well I know for a fact that they are working on a fix, its just too bad its taking so long

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