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    Rapid Storage driver eSATA still fails


      I've got an ASUS laptop. Trying this forum.


      I've been waiting almost a year for Intel to fix the Rapid Storage drive so it works with eSATA drives 1TB+. It just wouldn't recognize them. The release on 12-15-2011 seems to do the trick. I could finally see my Fantom 1TB for about a week. Doing consistent backups. But, after a week, it failed. Drive isn't recognized and one of the cores pegs out at 100%.


      There lots of posts on the web about 1TB eSATA not working. Maybe this is why consumers have just given up on it and waiting for USB 3.0? Even ASUS just has to sit around as no one seems to be able to get Intel to fix this driver.


      What can I do? Was eSATA just a dead end hoax?


      (Series 5 chipset)