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    Help needed....ntkrnlmp.exe crashed. I gave up.


      okay....i crashed too...........thats why i am here. Next place i will be is probably the big trash can down the street......



      CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400

      Board: Asus P5E3 Pro

      HDD: WD black 1TB SATA III+Asus U3S6 PCI-e adapter.(RMAed. replaced same model)

      RAM: 1) 6GB OCZ ddr3 1666mhz(RMAed, thought could be where the problem is.)

                2) Corsair XMS 3 1333mhz(newly brought)

      VIDEO: Nvidia GTX470

      PSU: Rosewill green 630w


      I dont remember when did this started to happen, probably eversince i put this computer together....

      Just as of today, it crashed 18 times. at least 10 of them pointed to ntkrnlmp.exe and the process name is system.

      many other times it points to nvlddmkm.sys, which seem to be a nvidia display driver, i have clean deleted the driver and installed the lastest one from nvidia...

      A few other time it pointed to memory_corruption, process sometimes point to iexplore.exe, sometime a chatting software that i have, sometime a music player that i have.

      The other crash was pointed to a process have to do with wireless network adapter


      One thing to mention is that the video card, Network Card BSOD never happened before i replaced the RAM.

      However the ntkrnlmp.exe BSOD and memory Corruption seem to appear the most.


      Today's bsod mostly displayed DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, or the one that said something like page fall in nonpaged area.

      And i havent changed anything today or last night.


      I switched to a older PSU that i have cause some said it might have to do with PSU, but the BSOD still happen, even under safe mode.


      i really ,really, really needed some help.