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    Selecting "Monitor/TV settings" in gfx menu causes screen to darken


      The only way to reset it is to reboot. Im using intel HD onchip graphics on win7 pro 32bit.

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            Well, welcome to the forum!  Mostly just us stupid users out here, what can I say?


            Anyway, Dood, you're not giving us any information about your PC, mother board, Intel chipset, what type of graphics port your monitor is connected to, and exactly what you mean by darken?  We really need that stuff to attempt to figure out what the problem is.  Is your monitor just going black, or just darker as if you reduced the brightness?  What setting, etc, is causing the screen to darken?

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              Its a DQ57TM, using onchip graphics, core i5 650, win7x86. Its an AIO computer. The screen darkens, like the brightness got turned way down, yet it hadnt. Theres no way to undo it except reboot. All i have to do is click on the monitor/tv settings button in the gfx panel and it does it. Its probably a bug, yet aside from offering a helpline which no one responds to, intel doesnt have any sort of bug reporting system. How is it even legal that they're allowed to **** on their customers like that, all companies should be forced to communicate.

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                Ok, good, an AIO PC is fine, and given that you have the DQ57TM mother board, you are better off than most AIO PC owners, although you may not feel that way.  Your mother board is a newer model and should be fully supported, it's not a cheap, old technology board that would be used in poor quality AIO PCs.


                Your issue is a strange one, something is obviously going wrong when you simply click that button.  I have seen graphics options programs that allow you to choose between their own custom settings, or standard Windows ones, where the settings can be totaly different, I'm wondering if some settings are being activated when you click that button.  Once the screen goes dark, can you change it with the Brightness or Contrast controls?


                Your support issue may be due to the difference in buying an AIO PC, or by building it yourself from parts.  For example, if you bought a PC from Dell, and it had an ASUS mother board in it, and you had a problem that was mother board related and contacted ASUS, which does make sense, they would tell you to contact Dell for support, in most if not all cases.  If the Intel or AMD CPU cooler fan stopped working on your AIO PC, and you contacted either of them, they would tell you to contact the manufacture of your AIO PC.  That is simply how it is done when purchasing AIO PCs, the AIO company is responsible for all support of the PC.


                There are many smaller AIO PC manufactures and retailer's house brand PCs, and getting support from them can be difficult at times.  What is your situation with the AIO maker of your PC?  Is it out of warranty or is the AIO company difficult to deal with?  I'm not 100% sure about your situation, which is why I am asking.


                You could download and re-install the graphics software for your mother board, that page is here:




                Be sure to select Win 7 in the OS box to get the correct files.  Notice there is a very new BIOS update, and the HD Graphics Driver has an update that was released about six months ago.  Then again, any good AIO PC company should have support pages for their products and have drivers and other software specifically for their products.  It is usually recommended to use those rather than ones from other sources, but ones from Intel in this case should be fine, unless your AIO PC has a special BIOS.


                Here's a link to Intel's Graphics Troubleshooting help, which might be helpful:




                If you'd like to tell us who makes your AIO PC and if they can't help you, or whatever your situation is, please do.

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                  Its an hp AIO. This is a graphics driver issue, as my motherboard/cpu/gpu are all intel, and it doesnt matter whether its stuck in a case made by hp or one i bought somewhere else. Ive just reinstalled win7 and the latest drivers, and changing the brightness in the graphics menu doesnt affect it, only reboot can undo it. Instead of offering me stock answers like im some sort of moron, why do you tell me where the hell intels bug reporting system is, if they even care enough to have one.