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    Steps for replacing a SATA drive (Raid 1) in intel rapid storage technology


      I'm new here, if I posted this in the wrong area, please direct me to the correct location.


      Not only am I new here, I am a complete noob with this problem. I recently inherited a position where I need to maintain a server that uses the new intel rapid storage technology. The box (Lenove TS200/windows server 2008r2 foundation) has 2 SATA drives in a Raid 1 configuration. The server came with the O/S installed. Sooner or later one of these drives will fail and need to be replace. Could someone please direct me to a relevant tutorial that would guide me through the process. I have the Intel Rapid Store Technology utility installed on the server and it recognizes the drives/volume but I can't seem to find any place that would allow the rebuilding of a disk when one fails.


      Thanks in advance for any assistance.