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    DP55KG Boot Loops if all SATA ports are used




      I just gutted my old system and replaced it with DP55KG board, Intel 870.  I installed the XP with SP3 on a single 500G SATA drive.  Once I felt confortable all was well with the XP install, including all the patches and such, I added my old SATA drives 1 at a time.  I manage to add the 7th drive successfully, composing of the 5 black ports and utilizing the 2 blue ports.  In addition to all of this, I have 2 SCSI drives separate controller.  I ensured XP booted successfully with not issues.  However, when I attach the final drive to remaining black port, Windows XP would boot up to the Windows screen, I see the blue screen of death(exception error), then the system would reboot over and over in a boot loop.  If I disconnect the last drive appearing to be causing this and use another drive that successfully rebooted while connected, the same thing happens.  It does not appear to be a drive specific issue.


      I cannot believe there is an order I need to attach the drives or I cannot use all the connectors at once.


      Any suggestions is welcome,