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    80G2 SSD stopped working (report 8mb- serial number: ChanCE conflict), f/w:2CV102M3


      Dear Support,


      I just purchased an intel SSD 2 days ago (the 80GB G2 - 34nm).

      It worked good, i updated the firmware without any problem (both IDE and AHCI, both MS and Intel drivers).


      today, when starting my computer, the bios said the disk had an error , although it could recognize it as normally SSDSA2M080G2GC.

      the main problem is that It report.... 0GB of storage! or 8 MB if i check on intel SSD updatedr.


      Luckily, it is not my system drive yet...


      Here are the clues i gathered:

      -Smart does not seem to work.

      -the serial number reported is ChanCE conflict (i google and only found some Korean page about it, regarding the same SSD).


      Obviously, i tried several ports, several cables, and everything seemed fine....


      I wonder what cause the problem. I hope it is not the new bios which is not totally polished...


      Anyway, please help me!

      I am quite a power user, so i can try several things to test the potential problems...

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