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    Suggest a Suitable Intel based embedded board



      I need an Intel based embedded board with Android support and with the following features

      • Intel atom based processor
      • Wifi connectivity
      • GSM/GPRS wit 3G support
      • Out door type Camera.  if possible with night photo taking capability..
      • Should support Android and support for installation etc.
      • May be with touch screen
      • May be with battery also

      Please suggest the boards with the above features..?

      If any board is available what are features.

      If all the features are not available please provide the supporting modules wth features...



      Thanks in advance




        • 1. Re: Suggest a Suitable Intel based embedded board

          Hi! Please take a look at this list - it may have what you are looking for: Order an Intel® AMT enabled Embedded Product - Digital Signage, POS, Kiosk, etc ...


          Michele Gartner

          Community Manager

          Intel vPro Expert Center

          • 2. Re: Suggest a Suitable Intel based embedded board

            Michelle, 3G was metioned and the products recomened will not support AMT/vPro technology over 3G.

            In my opinion this is a big mistake by Intel to overlook the 3G M2M community.


            Now if Intel were to bring out a 3G modem then I think it would sell like hotcakes, especially if it was vPro enabled.


            I have escalated the 3G issue a few times with Intel, but they can't seem to get the idea that most remote systems will not be wire connected.

            And will normally be on a mobile 3G network, which renders such a good technology useless.


            Darren Coles

            Dynamic Visual Systems

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