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    Urgent Intel Express Installer!


      I just bought new desktop computer Intel i3 3.06 Ghz with Intel DH55Pj MOBO.


      I just noticed that everytime i insert the Intel Express Installer DVD it creates a folder c:\Tempie4. Even without installing anything


      And the most frustrating part is that inside Tempie4 folder has 3.tmp, 6.tmp, a.tmp.


      If i google it this #.tmp is malware.


      Why Intel DVD installer creates this folder immediately after inserting it to dvdrom?


      Can i leave the folder and the .tmp file as is? Will it do no harm?




      It is safe to delete all?


      Added info.


      If i dont insert the Intel DVD it doesn't create Tempie4 folder which has inside of 3.tmp, 6.tmp, etc....



      Please need help!