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    DP67BG - Warning About SDRAM Voltage


      I finally got my DP67BG up and running and I am getting a warning from Intel Desktop Utilities that my SDRAM VCC is "Out of Recommended Range".  My memory is suppose to run at 1.65V and I know that's the upper limit for Sandy Bridge.  I used one of the XMP profiles and it set my volts to 1.65 but Intel Desktop Utility is showing it at 1.680.   I did try to lower my volts to 1.64 but even that was producing the warning message and  IDU was showing my volts as 1.660.  Should I just ignore the warning message? Why does it show the volts to be higher than what I have them set to in the BIOS?  I will be getting 1.5v RAM next week from NewEgg but was hoping that my current RAM would be OK to use for now.