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    D945GCL Windows 7 Bios?


      Ok I recently purchased a new CPU to replace the stock one that came with this system. I've had this computer for several years and I've pretty much upgraded everything I possibly could without changing out the motherboard. I have a 9800 GT 4 GB of RAM and a recently purchased Intel Pentium E5500. All this was going smooth until I loaded up CPUZ. CPUZ was showing that my CPU was severly underclocked from 2.8 GHZ to 1.2 GHZ with a 6x mutliplier. I tried running a burn test to see if it was the EIST but the CPU multiplier did not increase. This leads me to believe that the motherboard isn't recognizing the chip or something. It works fine just its very underclocked which barely puts it above my older CPU. Would a BIOS update solve this problem because I could not find any on the Intel site that would work with my MOBO/OS. They had ones for Vista but not Windows 7. Thanks for the help in advanced.