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    D945GPM compatibility with HP DVD drive


      I replaced an Asus motherboard with the Intel D945GPM in my 2006 HP media Center PC but have not been able to reinstall windows because the DVD drive is not recognized - it does not show up in the bios, but the CD drive does. I can move the CD drive from master to slave positions on the IDE ribbon and bios setup recognizes the changes in positon of the CD drive but no DVD drive. I've changed the jumpers on both drives to master and slave and vise versa and tried every combo of connections on the IDE ribbon to no avail. I've switched out IDE ribbons and updated the bios to the most recent version available from this site and it matters not. I have power to both drives and both spin up when a disc is inserted in the drive. The DVD drive is an HP 640. Is there a way to check if this is a motherboard issue or not? How do I check if it is a compatibility issue with the DVD drive? Might it be as simple as installing new drivers (I thought that would have been part of the bios update that was a 2009 version)? If it is a drive issue, how do I updated the bios with a different driver when I don't have a floppy drive? Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.